Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cooking with a fever

Today i made pie for lunch, also im havin a fever and a running nose. I made my brother taste it...

Me: is it ok? Masin x? Ke tawar? Cause orang demam kan, tatktau how to budget.

*my brother eats*

Adik: uh tawar.

Me: Oh? I thought havin a running nose wud make me my taste bud more tasteless, so i should use less salt. I tasted it a bit tawar, so i thought it would b normal for normal taste buds.

Adik: yeah well its tawar. Guess your demam isn't as strong as you thought.

Me: OR my tastebuds are stronger than the demam. Haha...

My bro went =_=, and went back to his PS3.

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