Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Correct me if I am wrong...

"Correct me if I'm wrong..."

I heard this today. It is such a simple phrase. But hearing it tonight from such a knowledgeable man, made me realize how humble but empowering this statement is.

Often, we are so enthusiastic about proving our point right and/ or proving our opponent wrong, we often forget that we might be totally wrong and that our opponent might absolutely right.... and if we have an equal hard headed opponent the argument will go nowhere- just a useless session of words clashing.

But imagine if we start our sentences with "Correct me if I am wrong",from personal experience it gives a psychological & emotional space for ourselves to think about what we said (because we asked to be corrected- and no one likes to be corrected when trying to prove a point) also eases your responsibility of 'I must be right' thus reduce the likeliness of you being offended for being wrong, triggering you to prove yourself right even when you are wrong; out of anger- usually without your knowledge.

As an 'opponent' upon hearing that, it gives me a feeling of my opponent's humbleness; thus increasing my respect to him for being humble despite knowing we are arguing, thus makes me more considerate and respectful of his opinion and him as a person; which also means i am more likely to actually listen to what they have to say rather than trying to over rule them with my opinions.

So my dear, "correct me if I'm wrong"

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