Thursday, September 26, 2013

Deciding a brand's image, 26th Sept 2013

So I'm going through a confusing part of work; Deciding on a brand image. A brand image is more than the name, graphic design & interior, Brand image is the identity of a company, this means all future decisions made must based on it. Though re-branding is always possible, first impression is the most important ;as Sheryl Crow sang The first cut is the deepest. It will be extremely hard for you to shake off the first impression you have made onto people. Having said that, a bad or confusing brand image is just as good as a curse to the business.

Things to consider when deciding brand:
- Nature of business : Should give a glimpse of what your business is all about at 1st sight.
- Target client : Attracting the right crowd.
- Expectation : Communicates what people can expect from the business- price, service & etc.
- Competition : Will the brand appear similar to other businesses and will you mind the competition?

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