Thursday, December 12, 2013

Project management web :

Running a few things at the same time can really fuse one's brain out. So I went on a look out for a project management web and I found this web called FREEDCAMP, and I have to say it is pretty awesome so far. You can a few projects at one go and when starting each project, you will have really helpful basic project management widgets;

  • WALL - just like FB you just post updates (updated design, new ideas,new formats, announcement & etc.)
  • TO DO - list of to do obviously and also each to do has an option of to whom it is assigned to
  • DISCUSSION - just like a forum, you open a topic and people can post their comments
  • MILESTONES - You can add milestones to mark datelines, item arrival and other significant event so that everyone can refer and see any ongoing issues or foresee future activities.
  • TIME TASK - I dont really use this but from what I can grasp it is used when the group or project members decide to hold a meeting or brainstorm session or anything timed just to keep track of things and activities I guess.
  • FILES - You can upload files and documents to share and you yourself can have access to it wherever you have internet.

Having your projects posted on the here eliminates the need for you to update everyone manually as they can and should be checking updates here and eliminates the need of transferring manually device to device just through the web.Best of all its FREE!

This web is probably saving my sanity.
So what are you guys waiting go ahead and sign and get organized! :

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