Monday, December 2, 2013

you should behave like a girl.

Today I was told that I am too rough, too tomboy, and that I should behave more like a girl.
  Perhaps he is right, perhaps a girl should be wearing skirts, using soft voices alluring hearts of men.

Or perhaps society has to stop generalizing on how a woman or a man should act.
  Instead, focus what is wrong and what is right, because what really matters is a person's heart.

I may curse and talk like a person who has no heart but I have regretted nothing as I always mean well.
  I have been sorry plenty of times but it does not mean I regret it.

It simply means I respectfully understand the other person's feelings are tender.
  I would rather tell cold harsh truth, than sweet graceful lies, perhaps there is just no more space for 

We should learn to embrace reality as much as we embrace sensitivity.

Having said that it does not mean one should talk harshly without any respect of those around him or her, Nothing is more important in a person than knowing his or her place wherever she or he may be.

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