Monday, May 26, 2014

Food Photography – An Introduction by Darren Rowse

A really useful article, gotta keep them tips in mind

Below are bits from the article just to entice you into reading more of it, I don't want to copy and rewrite them here as it is not mine to begin with.

Food Photography – An Introduction by Darren Rowse

1. Lighting

Treat the food you’re photographing as you would any other still life subject and ensure that it is well lit

2. Props

Pay attention not only to the arrangement of the food itself but to the context that you put it in including the plate or bowl and any table settings around it.

3. Be Quick

Food doesn’t keep it’s appetizing looks for long.

4. Style it

The way food is set out on the plate is as important as the way you photograph it.

5. Enhance it

 ... make it glisten in your shots...

6. Get Down Low

A mistake that many beginner food photographers make...

7. Macro

Really focusing in upon just one part of the dish can be an effective...

8. Steam

Having steam rising off your food can give it a ‘just cooked’ feel ...