Sunday, May 31, 2015


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listening to Jaymes Young dang does he have a dreamy sexy voice or does he? Haha anyway, it has been awhile since I vent. It is actually 3.40am right now but Ifelt like I should plan for tomorrow; which makes the little gnome in my head calls for"okay now let it out of the box". So I felt like venting, pour eeeverything - at least what I can.

So now I am doing full time with my dad, part-time with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and also doing my degree in marketing with UiTM. Still the same 60sec per minute, 60minutes per hour, 24 hour per day, 7days per week. So yeah, I am struggling , like my brain is prolly struggling to make sense of things. I won't give up though.

Ah love, ha ha ha... no idea man. today somebody asked me what is my plan for a family i was like uuuuhhh...
        "I'll cross that bridge when I get there." At that moment it made me wonder bout myself, I am 25 this year I kinda have my career life all figured out but not family,

* falls asleep*

 I mean I kinda know what kinda life I want for my family, but with all the guys I have met, none have I ever considered husband material- is it me or it is just not time yet. I don't know. I feel like I just need this husband so I can settle down, so that I can just stop these games and because it gets lonely.

I am graduating in 2018, 3 more years. might seem far but its not that far of just 3 more birthdays, bout quarter of a decade. So perhaps after getting my degree I will have things figured out.

Right now I am just trying to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop telling myself its okay to mess up just because I have already done a lot. I have to start to want success so badly, as bad as I wanna breath ( at least that's what they say) but one thing for sure i need to start sacrificing my sleep I need to be willing to sleep less and less at least till i finish my semester.

So count down to exam week : 20th JUNE 2015, 20 more days. u can do it khai. u totally can!

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