Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Are we who we are or are we what our environment made us to be? Probably both- and we struggle between the 2 so hard don't we?we struggle with questions like; What should be done and what we are expected to do. We get confused with all the noises.

I have been struggling with this crisis of identity for a really long time, I probably still am on a few things but overall I am doing ok if you ask me, I am more stabilized and more mentally aware of the decisions I made. However, changes do not come without the baggage of the past- bad habits, tempting invites and so on. This is a battle faced by all human- the fight between the wants and needs, between luxury and necessity, between grateful and greed. One thing I've learned about myself and my generation is that we grew up in an idealistic environment- we grew up watching good things happen, so when crisis happens it becomes foreign to us, we feel as if our 'right' have been taken away from us for example we grew up being told that by having 'paper qualifications'

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