Monday, March 14, 2016

prettier with a hijab?

I have always found it rather disturbing and weird when a person phrase "You look so much prettier in a hijab"- implying that by wearing the hijab the sister now looks prettier than before (Note that I use the word pretty and not beautiful as beautiful every so often takes into account more than just a person's aesthetic beauty) . Sure the sister just embraced the hijab and I should support her, but my problem is with the phrase - prettier with/ in a hijab; It is like as if we simplified the act of wearing the hijab by evaluating it solely of its aesthetic value.

Of course a lady can be pretty even with a hijab BUT not because of the hijab- because the hijab is suppose to protect the lady's appeal from preying eyes and let her intelligence, personality, morals and value represent her. Before you butt in- of course a lady can be both appealing and smart and has great moral values, so on and so forth,  but lets face it the reality of the world today is that a woman's beauty is inevitably defaulted to her appearance and how much she appeals to a certain person's "taste" or preference- of both gender! Oh yes we females do "check each other out" mostly for social purposes. Sure this does not represent all of the general public, but take a minute and contemplate on this thought- are men not defaulted to a women's appearance and appeal and are women not defaulted to prefer the pretty things in life?

So perhaps we need to evaluate again why do we wear the hijab and are we doing it right?

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