Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2016- what have we done but cause chaos and spread fear

2017 is coming, 2016 have been ridiculously interesting, and horrifyingly ridiculous. There is Malaysian's hysterically politics, murders & shootings- it weirds me out how suddenly Malaysia have these politically related "executions" - Hussain Najadi, Kevin Morais &  Altantuya Shaariibuu, then suddenly we have these businessman being shot & murdered in their cars this is not okay, this is not us Malaysian.

Not to mention Trump happened- what what? It is an american thing but lets not kid ourselves about how the USA can change the game plan since they have vito rights and the rest of the world leaders are just either with him or sitting idly by- pretty sure this includes ours.

Then the terrorist attacks justifying their actions with a warped view of jihad just keeps rising. Come on my brothers & sisters we are better than this. Though I honestly doubt they are people who see Islam as a religion rather a book to be manipulated in order to justify their sin- pick & choosing what suits their 'cause'. If they were real muslims they should know better that Allah swt calls for peace, if they wanted to help, help the war torn countries- Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine so on and so forth. I hope & pray somehow, someday they will realize how  messed up their views & action are.

Seriously humanity, we are better than this. 

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