Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hands off my heart

This post is inspired by the song MKTO - Hands off my heart

2017, 27 years old. 
The world is becoming much more foreign to me each day.

I am more of an old school person, I wear my heart on my sleeve- no games, if I am interested I'll tell you, if I am not- I'll express the disinterest as well. Because of this, I've been viewed as 'desperate' or 'prude' by these 'open minded' and 'liberal' people- maybe I am, but I would think that if a person is open minded they would have been able to understand people better (how others are more traditional in their views, how some are skeptical, how some are obscene and so on and so forth) as their mind are 'open', but hey who am I to dictate the free mind of these self declared brilliant and exemplary human beings eyh?

Anyways, coming back to the topic- being a person who wears her heart on her sleeve, I'd often expect the other party would already understand my intention, but NOOO these days such action are often interpreted into 3 categories:
  1. Holds no value: 'Fooling around' is just waaay too common that the display of affection holds little to no meaning them.
  2. Lets get serious: People think that just because I show that I care I want to have their babies by next year and be buried next to his grave when I die.
  3. Lets meet half way: Now these are my kind of people! Like I am not asking you to cannonball into the pool yeah? We can start by dipping our legs, see if we like it, than ascend down those awkward pool stairs, tip toe and then maybe just maybe we'll decide to swim to the deep side.
*Note:Not inclusive of those who are just not interested.

So with my limited and unpleasant experiences I've decided to stop expecting too much from people whom I have chemistry with and keep telling all these emotions creeping in to 'Keep their hands off my heart', because as much I am interested with them- most of the people these days just seem to come from the extreme ends of the spectrum, which in my opinion are; 'I'm just here for a good time' and the 'Lets get married and make babies A.S.A.P.' which gets really tiring to deal with.

So future husband, if you are wondering why I seem to be a little cautious despite me wearing my heart on my sleeve, this is why. ;)

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